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ASYN based EPICS driver for Galil products

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For assistance with this software post on EPICS tech-talk or email:

This driver has the following features:

  • Asyn model 3 architecture
  • Motor record support
  • Motor record PREM/POST function is supported
  • Analog and Digital IO
  • Output TTL pulses for closed-loop motor distance (eg. detector trigger)
  • Time based profile motion for real and coordinate system axes (Linear and PVT Trajectories)
  • Coordinate system axes (eg. Slit width, undulator taper, DCM energy)
  • Motor record backlash, and retry support for coordinate system axes
  • Accurate limit reporting for coordinate system axes
  • Kinematics adjustable via database puts
  • Deferred moves facility
  • True coordinated motion for up to 8 motors (Motors can be synchronized to within .2ms)
  • EtherCat motor drive support
  • BISS and SSI encoder support
  • Auto motor power On/Off with adjustable delays
  • Auto motor brake On/Off with adjustable delays
  • Sophisticated Galil code generator, no need to program low level
  • Ability to construct low level code from templates
  • Accepts custom code files
  • User definable control/monitor functions with full record support
  • Intr IO support for user defined records
  • Sophisticated connection management
  • Fast update rates 2ms
  • Example MEDM screens
  • Example Qt/EPICS QE framework screens
  • Example IOC
  • Autosave request files
  • RIO PLC supported

  • Intended to replace Galil EPICS 1-x driver

    Previous 3-x versions can be found here:

    I hope you find this software useful :)
    Mark Clift